About Us

About us

Located in the beautiful old market town of Amersham, Buckinghamshire, Chalfont Art Consultancy is in a prime location to inspire art collectors, art enthusiasts, homeowners and businesses throughout the whole of the UK.

Though our enduring and diverse portfolio of clientele doesn’t stop at the UK’s borders as we have been satisfying national and international customers for over a decade.

Double award-winning art retailer

Chalfont Art won ‘Art Retailer of the Year’ in both 2011 and 2012 – the most prestigious award from our regulatory body the Fine Art Trade Guild.

A distinguished reputation

We work to the ethic that a customer is for life and have consequently built up a distinguished and venerated reputation for personalised art services. As well as creating art to epitomise your unique personality and hobbies, we offer tailored framing services for homes and offices.

Chalfont Art Consultation are also specialists in art restoration. We use the most innovative of conservation techniques, including UV and non-reflective glass where necessary, to restore your favourite art back to its former glory.